Taylor Schroeder


Taylor is a personal hype woman disguised as a nutrition & elite softball coach! She’s been a competitive athlete her whole life with a desire to move, lift, and eat. She grew up playing softball and doing gymnastics. When she lost college athletics - she lost herself in the process. Battled depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Got caught up in toxic relationships, spent weeks in the hospital - it was time to take her life back. Fitness and nutrition have given her the platform she needed to rebuild her life, find balance, and gain self-confidence - so now she dedicated her life to helping others do the same.

Her mission?! Stand in front of her athletes/clients & demand more from them. She gives you permission to be YOU. Help you OWN your worth. Be the light & guidance you need & remind you to be kind to yourself through this journey. To help you gain a balance in a busy life. Provide clients with education, tough love, sass & respect. All this through the power of nutrition. She wants everyone to be themselves - unapologetically.