Hayley Reichardt

hayley reichardt clean and jerk
Hayley started lifting competitively in 2013 after watching her brother, Tanner, compete for a year. She had absolutely no interest in competing because she did not want to wear a singlet, but Dane eventually convinced her to give it a try and she fell in love with the sport! Since then, she has broken American records, won national titles, made international teams, and earned a few international medals! In 2016 she became the first American female to medal at a Youth World Championships where she placed third in the 48kg weight class. She is also one of the youngest females to clean and jerk double body weight and she placed third at this year's Junior World Championships as a 49kg lifter.
She has been taking Earth Fed Muscle products pretty much since she started training when their products consisted of just pre-workout and creatine. EFM's pre-workout and creatine are two of her favorite products today along with ZMA, Revival, and their newest protein, Husky Dunker!