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Ca-COW! Chocolate Protein 403 reviews $ 49.99
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Whey Back Vanilla Protein 268 reviews $ 49.99
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Friends with Benefits Grass Fed Peanut Butter Cup Protein 137 reviews $ 49.99
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Husky Dunker Cookies&Cream Protein 72 reviews $ 54.99
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The Keystone Collagen Superprotein 108 reviews $ 34.99
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Arctic Advantage Krill Oil Softgels $ 29.99 $ 39.99
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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced) 147 reviews $ 24.99
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The Greens Party 12 reviews $ 49.99
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Earth Fed Armor 1 review $ 24.99
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Zen Remedy 3 reviews $ 24.99
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Forty Winkz (formerly ZMA Advanced) (FREE GIFT) Free
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Earth Fed Evolutions

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Evolve with EarthFed Evolutions! - Join the Facebook Group

April 23 - September 1

Earth Fed Muscle is a grassroots company founded by two friends who wanted cleaner supplements for their families. In each of their lives, sacrifices were made, late nights and early mornings allowed for the business to be built from the ground up. The common thread between our founders and people living deliberate, purposeful lives (YOU!) is that dedication, grit and change is the norm. We’re celebrating our company’s constant forward motion and your progress with Earth Fed Evolutions. Join the Facebook group for some motivation and accountability!

Challenge Details

Tell us your Earth Fed Evolution! How do you use our products to better your life? How does fitness help you in other aspects of your life? Make us a video or take a photo that embodies your Earth Fed Evolution and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and you’ll be entered into the $1,000 giveaway September 1! The more times you post your story of evolving, the more you’re entered to win.

For Official Entry:
  1. Take a video or photo of you detailing your EarthFedEvolution
  2. Post it on social media using the hashtag #EFEvolutions
  3. Post the video or photo between April 23 and August 31.
  4. You may create as many updates to your EarthFedEvolution as you like, each post is an entry!
  5. At the end of the summer, we'll randomly choose one winner to receive $1,000 of EFM Products!

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