Chelsey Quirk

"Chelsey's journey to becoming a gym owner, nationally ranked lifter, and athlete of Catalyst Athletics is not what you would think. Back in 2013, Chelsey was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was weighing in at her heaviest. That’s when she decided to make a change. Her fitness journey started with a women’s only bootcamp at a local park. She then graduated to Crossfit where she got her first taste of competition. Eventually, she signed up for a local Olympic Weightlifting meet, and from then on she hasn’t stopped competing. After finding her passion for fitness, she realized she wanted to share it with her community. She wanted to build a safe haven for women, a place where they feel confident and empowered by other women just like them. So she established Girls Gone Buff in 2016. Because of Chelsey’s passion for Olympic Weightlifting other women and young teens wanted to learn and be a part of the sport, which then lead to the start of the Parish Barbell Club. Super happy being a part of EFM, and I can't wait to share my favorite EFM supplement recipes with all of you!! So be on the lookout!"