Reppin My Whey: Christian Pavlovich

Reppin My Whey: Christian Pavlovich

Our Reppin' My Whey series allows us to highlight members of the EFM community, the fun facts that make them unique and how EFM has made a difference in their lives.

Let's hear it for Christian, part of the EFM M.A.F.I.A.

How did you get into athletics/training/sports?
My whole family is very active so from an early age my siblings and I mimicked my parents (who met at the gym) as they taught spin classes, aerobics and yoga. The first sport I got into was soccer and I played that through high school. I got into track and field during high school to condition for soccer but stumbled upon the javelin and never looked back!
What do you do in athletics/how are you involved? Who do you work with/train with?
I am a javelin thrower and coach. I use my instagram “TheJavelinBreakdown” to connect with throwers from around the world and provide video analysis on throws (which I call Breakdowns). Last year I got the chance to work with at least one athlete from 6 of the 7 continents. In addition to the online coaching I work with a number of athletes local to central Pennsylvania.
What are your current training goals?
My current goal is to beat my personal best in the javelin, which is 64 meters 17 centimeters. If I can throw in the high 60’s or break 70 meters, I have a chance at qualifying for USATF Nationals. Qualifying for nationals is a stretch goal for me this season.
What is your favorite hobby outside the gym?
My favorite hobby outside the gym is spending time with my wife, Molly, and our golden retriever puppy Buddy. We enjoy taking Buddy to parks on the weekend and thrift shopping/antiquing to find unique items for our home and my wife’s antique booth.
Who inspires you?
My wife inspires me everyday. We both work in communications (video production for me, writing for her) and she always has great ideas. She is the biggest supporter of my javelin journey and I am very thankful for her. My faith is also a big inspiration in my life. I am always inspired by the way God used and continues to use people throughout history to bring about his kingdom.
What is your walkout song and why?
Rocky Theme Song (Gonna Fly Now) I have always loved the energy that this song brings. It is a classic!
If you had to pick three people to be on your team for the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
My brother Jared because he is an engineer capable of building almost anything. Dane Miller because we need the ultimate zombie apocalypse prep program. My friend Matt because he is an expert shot.
What is the best piece of fitness advice you've ever been given or like to give?
I would tell anyone regardless of where they are in their fitness journey to enjoy it. Enjoy the journey. There is no final destination. You can hit your goals and surpass milestone after milestone, but there will always be something new that catches your attention. I’ve found by enjoying each step in my journey it's made the hardships more manageable and the successes that much sweeter.
If you could live in one fictional universe, which would it be and who would you be?
Star Wars. I was a big lego child and wanted to build the largest clone armies. I really liked Commander Cody so probably him!
What is your favorite and least favorite type of workout?
My favorite workouts involve any kind of heavy Olympic lift. I really enjoy working off blocks for split or power jerks. My least favorite workouts are my mobility sessions where I do things like skin the cats, static holds, and javelin positional work. It is not exciting but it is essential work!
How long have you been using EFM products and how did you find us?
I have been using Earth Fed Muscle since 2015 and discovered EFM because I was getting my strength training through Dane Miller.
What are your favorite EFM products?
Ca-Cow Chocolate Grass Fed Protein and Lemonade Stammpede
What is your favorite supplement science?
I love how great everything tastes with minimal ingredients and how effective it is. I notice a difference in my strength when I am regular about my protein and creatine intake, the ZMA yields the best sleep, and the pre-workout helps me crush workouts. It is clear that EFM has taken the development of their product extremely seriously and it shows in every facet of the product.
How do you want to be remembered? What impact do you want to have?
When I look back on my life I hope I see many faces. Faces of people whose lives I got to touch in some small or big way. It is a tremendous blessing and responsibility to get to coach or teach someone. Wherever my life takes me, I want to keep learning, growing and pass on what I can.

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