Why should you consume whey protein??

We plan on updating this blog weekly with nutritional and supplement related content. It will be quite simple but mildly entertaining as well.  Since we are releasing our Primitive Protein, it is only fitting to share a study done on obese individuals using a whey protein supplement.


Many clients and individuals wonder if only athletes or weekend warriors should be taking a whey supplement. This study answers that question quite well.  What's the study conclude?  Basically, fat people can stop being fat by using a whey supplement. It helps them metabolize fat while maintaining their lean muscle mass. This is great news for the obese population but also good news for those athletes involved in a sport where they need to maintain a certain weight class. Earth Fed Muscle's Primitive Protein can aid the athlete or individual to lose weight, but instead of getting "skinny fat", they maintain their muscle mass which in turn helps them look, feel and be healthier.

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