Essentials Stack


These are all the supplements we take daily to hone our edge on life. Try them, we think you’ll agree - Earth Fed Essentials for life! This stack includes one of each:

  • Any in-stock standard Whey protein flavor
  • The Keystone Collagen
  • Transcend Creatine
  • Morning Ritual Multivitamin
  • Forty Winkz ZMA
    1. Promotes muscle growth
    2. Improves weight loss
    3. Helps control food cravings
    1. Consume about 1g protein per lb bodyweight daily
    2. Mix a scoop with about 6-12 oz milk or water
    3. For active adults, have one scoop in the morning and one immediately after a workout
    1. Try it in a smoothie!
    2. Mix into cooked oatmeal
    3. Check out our recipe blog!

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