Welcome to the Earth Fed fam! We’re proud to make the cleanest, most delicious supps on the market so you can live Better Every Day. From Little League to Big Dreams, here’s how we got there.


Birth of EFM

  • 1990s Chris Stamm and Brooks Miller lead the Leesport A’s to victory over various Berks County Little League baseball rivals. Younger brother Dane Miller gets called up from the minors to fill in as catcher
  • 2002 Dane wins a PA State Title in shot put, and attends Penn State University
  • 2003-04 Brooks and Dane are roommates at PSU
  • 2007 Chris drives Dane cross-country so Dane can train full time in Kamloops, BC
  • 2008 Dane opens Garage Strength in his parents’ garage near Reading, PA
  • 2009 DJ walks into the gym ready to move weights
  • 2010 Chris starts to learn the ropes of food processing in the corporate world
  • 2012 Frustrated by the lack of trustworthy supplements on the market, Chris, Dane and D.J. set out to do it themselves, with clean ingredients, simple formulations, and recipes that don’t taste like a$$


Growing Up

  • 2013 First test batch mixed; first lab test completed
  • 2013 Chris mixes protein with a cement mixer in his basement and illegally hauls boxes in the flatbed Ram
  • 2014 Chrissy creates Evolution Logo from GS Snatcher logo
  • 2014 First batches sold to Garage Strength clients!


Getting Legit, Yo

  • 2014 First Shopify orders shipped
  • 2014 EFM LLC formed by Chris, Dane and DJ
  • 2014 Caitlin builds EFM website 1.0
  • 2014 Chrissy lends her photography skills (and still does!); designs all OG labels and graphics
  • 2014 First batches mixed by co-manufacturer GMP
  • 2015 Dane coaches at first international meet
  • 2015 Dane’s first national champ


More to Love

  • 2015 First seasonal drop - Witch’s Whey! Watch the video >
  • 2016 Stammpede Pre-Workout drops (original name: Bull Boner)
  • 2016 First capsule supplement: ZMA Advanced
  • 2017 Earth Fed Primitive Pancake Mix drops!
  • 2018 Chris leaves his corporate job to work full-time for EFM
  • 2018 Brooks starts writing emails for EFM from the farm
  • 2019 Lover’s Whey (now Friends with Benefits)! Watch the video >
  • 2019 Husky Dunker Cookies n’ Cream drops!


Building the Brand

  • 2019 Now-CEO Brooks joins EFM as its first marketing employee; writes nationally renowned emails
  • 2019 EFM teams up with Sara to rebrand; Mountain Logo and current label illustrations are born Watch the video >
  • 2019 Brooks builds EFM website 2.0
  • 2020 Supplement line expands to include Greens, Collagen + Mixes, L-Theanine, Immune Support, Krill Oil
  • 2021 Grass-fed protein bars drop!


The Dream Team

  • 2021 Dane coaches in his first Olympics
  • 2021 Shane joins as Tech Director; builds EFM website 3.0!
  • 2022 Sara joins EFM (for real for real) as Creative Director
  • 2022 Earth Fed OG supporter & top model Kristen joins team as Customer Service Guru
  • 2022 Pro discus thrower and EFM blog superstar Noah joins team as Wholesale Director


Better Every Day

  • 2022+ EFM partners exclusively with Truly Grass Fed whey, guaranteeing the purest, highest quality protein on the market Learn more >
  • 2022+ EFM’s fulfillment center goes 98% plastic-free, further reducing our collective environmental footprint

Thank you for supporting us on the journey! We’re proud to be your #1 independent, sustainably-minded, family-run supp company.