Jordan Wissinger

clean and jerk on a platform
Growing up, Jordan was always an active child, participating in a variety of sports before finding CrossFit and eventually switching over to Weightlifting at the start of his Freshman year in College. Since then he has made numerous Junior and Senior World and Pan Am Championship teams to represent the USA Internationally. Outside of the sport, he is a professional Athletic Trainer, a sports medicine and medical profession, for the Penn State Berks campus. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Athletic Training and is currently taking courses for a Master's degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. On top of that, he's a CSCS certification and ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist. Alongside his soon to be wife, we run a Nutrition Coaching company that have clients ranging from the general public to high-class athletes. He takes his nutrition seriously and loves that Earth Fed Muscle is available. 
His favorite protein flavor is the Husky Dunker, the Lemonade Stammpede and he always take our multivitamin and ZMA!

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