Charity Witt (Nutrition Major, Beast Powerlifter)

What supplements would you suggest for someone just starting to get serious about Powerlifting?
-For powerlifting, I myself, take a single scoop before and after training. But, for beginners, strength training can be taxing so I usually tell my clients to bring protein for during their workout! I also take the stampede pre-workout on days I'm feeling a little sluggish.
Can creatine be beneficial for a Powerlifting athlete?
-Absolutely. Creatine helps build muscle and speed up recovery, which is essential to any strength sport. I would suggest taking creatine until about a month or two before any given competition.
If you train multiple times a day, how do you align your supplementation to get the most out of each workout?
-Eat. Eat. Eat. A big breakfast combined with a protein shake, then make sure you are bringing proper electrolytes supplementation and protein for each workout.
What's your favorite EFM Protein flavor?
-My favorite flavor is the strawberry. I mix it with just about anything and it also tastes amazing just plain with water in the middle of a training sesh.


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