Creatine Timing

Everyone discusses nutrient timing, protein timing, carb timing, etc....very rarely will you read articles mentioning the timing of creatine.  This is a travesty for the sports world, because creatine is one of the best supplements, if not best, to be used for peaking an athlete.  So, what can we do to better our peaking with the manipulation of creatine.

First, let's keep in mind that this program is set up for a 200+lb power based athlete. This should be started 4 weeks prior to major competition.  

Loading Phase: 4 times a day, for four days, the athlete should ingest 15 grams.  That's 15 grams, four times a day for 60 total grams of creatine saturation.  

Maintenance Phase: 8-10 grams of creatine per serving, one serving per day.  

Peaking Phase: If the individual competes on a Friday at mid day, they must take their 8-10 grams the Thursday before in the morning.  Then at night take 5 grams before bed.  Upon waking up, eat a nice meal and 2 hours prior to competition, consume 10 grams of creatine.  

This program will ensure full saturation which will in turn lead to a statistically significant increase in rate of force production. 

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