Benefits of GelatinPro

Benefits of GelatinPro

I first came into contact with gelatin at the ripe age of 6 when my mom would make homemade jello cubes and I would watch creepy Bill Cosby commercials talking about Jell-O on TV. Fortunately for me, those memories have been stored in my deep cerebellum and I forget to reference them because quite frankly, Mr. Cosby is a haunting, horrible human being.

Back to the gelatin. I later became exposed to gelatin during my years in college. I became interested in ancestral cooking and would occasionally make bone broth for various soups my roommate and I would cook up on the weekends. After letting soup stocks sit in the fridge, we would notice significant gelling from the stocks and found out this was indeed gelatin and that gelatin was playing a positive role in helping to overcome our hangovers from the previous night of binge drinking.  

Fast forward about six years later. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. By this time, I had already published a YouTube video on how to make bone broth but I still had not fully discovered the benefits of gelatin.  With Lyme came cognitive issues, fatigue problems, poorly functioning thyroid hormones, joint pain and hypogonadism. I was looking for anything to ease my pain and discomfort. Thus, gelatin came into the picture.

By 2014, I co-founded Earth Fed Muscle and made it a point that we would bring out GelatinPro as one of our first products because of the wonders it had served me in my fight against Lyme disease. We found a source of pasture grazed cows and immediately set up our label to bring GelatinPro to market.  The amino acid make up is incredible, it helps with various ailments and can drastically change sports performance.

So what can it ACTUALLY do?

  1. Proline, an amino acid found abundantly within GelatinPro can help maintain elasticity within the skin and joints and even provide an anti-aging type effect on the body and it’s connective tissue.
  2. GelatinPro is high in glycine, one of the planets most powerful antioxidants.  Glycine is used by the liver to detox the body and decrease inflammation throughout the human organism.
  3. Gelatin aids the body with digestion as the molecules gel with other foods within the stomach.
  4. It is very nutrient dense and high in protein. With nine grams of protein per TBSP, GelatinPro can improve protein synthesis while decreasing inflammation.
  5. Many studies have found that tryptophan can have a negative impact on thyroid hormones IF the tryptophan is not balanced with glycine.  GelatinPro does not contain tryptophan and has a high glycine content, improving hormonal function throughout the organism.
  6. Gelatin can also assist with cognitive capability, increasing performance in numerous arenas of athletics.
  7. Because of the high glycine and proline content, Gelatin can also aid in sleep quality, thus improving recovery from training!

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