Meet Scott - Earth Fed Entrepreneur

Scott is a 25 year old entrepreneur currently living in Dallas, TX.  He can be found on Instagram @Scotty_rush or contacted via email at

What’s your role with Earth Fed Muscle?

My main role at Earth Fed Muscle is maintaining relationships with our customers, affiliates, and sponsored athletes.  I provide customer service by managing the social media and e-mail messages to ensure our customers are receiving their products quickly as well as answer any potential questions.  We ship same day, so things move fast. If there are any issues or changes needed, I try to make them as fast as possible and hold our processes to the highest standard.

Earth Fed Muscle takes a team-based approach to major decisions and potential opportunities such as events, promotions, new products, and marketing.  The team recently met at Garage Strength to secretly test new products and brainstorm our marketing strategy. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep the upcoming products under lock and key….but I do my best!  My primary role from a product management perspective is the Earth Fed Gear. I work with Chrissy, our graphic designer & photographer, to design and execute the shirts, hoodies, and tanks from our various clothing vendors.  If there’s something you’d like to see in the near future, let me know at the e-mail above!

On social media, you’ll find me reposting customer IG stories and answering inquiries in the direct messages.  Everrrryyy once in a while I’ll throw something in the story that reflects my own personal travels,, experiences, or how I use the product.  For example, as I write this I am on a plane to Los Angeles to meet customers and potential affiliates at the Venice Gold’s Gym! You can bet you’ll see this on the story.  

From a sales perspective, I lead the Affiliate Team and drive sales to gyms, businesses, and teams.  Gym owners around the nation are my go-to source for product ideas, feedback, and marketing opportunities.  I’ve met some amazing entrepreneurs and had some great conversations along the way!

Lastly, I organize and communicate directly with your favorite EFM Athletes to gather feedback, provide product, and facilitate promotions.  These athletes span multiple time zones and several sports, so it’s a ton of fun working with Justin Britt from the Seattle Seahawks to weightlifter Hayley Reichardt.

How do you use EFM supplements?

I break my EFM usage into three categories: Morning, Post-Workout, and Nighttime.


I wake up around 4:30 AM Central to hit the gym and start my day.  Breakfast is one scoop of Primitive Protein and three Earth Fed Essentials.  I don’t really like to eat before training. Once that’s done, I hit the fridge to get the cold Stammpede I made the night before.  Why cold? Dallas gets HOT. While I sip the pre-workout, I’ll run through my email to make sure all customers are happy before driving 20 min to the gym.

Post- Workout

After the workout, I’ll use the Earth Fed Funnel to fill my shaker, also prepared the night before, which contains 1 scoop of protein, some Gelatin Pro for joint health, and 1 scoop of Creastrength.  The water/milk debate will never end, but I usually mix this with water and drink it while I stretch and foam roll.

Do I forget my funnel sometimes?  Definitely. A workout without protein is a nightmare, so I usually text Dane in panic and ask what’s smart to eat.  


Around 8 PM, I start making my Nocturnal Casein shake while I finish designing upcoming gear or writing the next e-mail.  I do mix the Nocturnal with milk. I’ll have this with 2 ZMA Advanced as I start to wind down and prepare my pre and post workout drinks for the next day.


Sometimes if a trip to the grocery store isn’t in the cards, post-workout, lunch or dinner could turn into Primitive Pancakes. Yes, I’ve had them for lunch and dinner on the same day.

How do you find time to workout with the company’s rapid growth?

I do my best to split my approach into 3 categories: sleep, work, and social.  An exciting aspect of my role at EFM is the motivation to stay in shape. When I visit a new gym, meet with sponsored athletes, or travel, looking healthy and presentable provides an advantage relative to other sales reps.  As a result, I view working out as “work” and not “social” to help motivate myself to train.

It’s a bit easier to get up when it’s “work” and not “play”.  In my mind, fashion and style change every season, but looking the part is something that’s 24/7 365.  The fact that I also come from a competitive family of 6 kids also helps!

I do my best to balance sleep and social.  Sometimes the scale may favor one over the other, so I try to be flexible and let my schedule work itself out.

What are your workouts like?

Because I travel fairly often, maintaining a program is challenging.  Ideally, I do something physical 6x per week. I find that my work, sleep, and mood are best maintained when I’m moving around.  This could be strength training, rowing, swimming, or hiking. For some reason, I usually end up on our social media on arm day, but I promise I don’t skip legs.

From a strength training perspective, I workout for no more than 50 minutes and move fast. That means ~60-90 seconds between sets and exercises and lighter weights.  The only time I go heavy is when Dane posts a challenge or sends me a text message with some crazy video of him repping my max while his kids run around in the background.  Sometimes I text him back with videos of me doing more reps or a heavier weight, but he never seems to get them. Not sure why? I digress.

Here’s an example of a workout I did recently:

5x through the below circuit with 90 seconds between circuits.  This is one of my hotel workouts that’s great for the road:

10 DB Snatch Each Side
10 Renegade Row+Push up
10 DB Step up each side
10 DB Strict Press
10 Reverse fly
10 DB front rack squat+curl at top

I used 25 lb dumbbells.  It’s all fun and games until about ½ through set 3.

How do you incorporate Earth Fed Muscle into your travels?

When I know I’m traveling, I prioritize finding local gyms to visit.  I try to avoid large chain gyms or the hotel gym and prefer to drop-in to more local locations to meet the city’s small business owners and have great conversations with the gym’s members.  It’s a bit easier to chat Earth Fed with a CrossFit box owner or the head coach at a barbell club than it might be at a Crunch Fitness. I’ll post the cities I’m visiting on the Instagram story and ask for gym recommendations before I travel.  Our community always supplies 7-8 suggestions, which makes showing up to the gym a lot easier. Thanks for that! Actually, some of our best Earth Fed Affiliates are gyms that I’ve visited during my travels. I always bring samples, wear Earth Fed Gear, and observe how gyms incorporate supplements and nutrition into their pro shop or programming.  I’ve found that many gyms put supplements for sale by the front desk, while others keep products in a back room or closet on a seemingly need-to-know basis. One things for sure, on the day I visit, I’m bringing some EFM samples for everyone to try.


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